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The first step for you company to be on the internet!

What is a domain?

It is a name used to locate and identify sets of computers and services on the internet. The domain name was conceived in order to facilitate the memorization of these addresses, as without it, we would have to memorize a large sequence of numbers (IP addresses). A website`s domain is an important part of building its identity and presence on the web.

What are the advantages of having your own domain?

More presence in the online world

Because it`s simple and easy to remember, a domain name improves your web presence, as users are all the time looking for information, and want to find it quickly, having a name of your own that uses the most popular extensions, such as .com or .net can help you get ahead.

Credibility to the user

If you don’t put yourself in the user`s shoes, it could be problems with usability and even SEO ranking of your website. This is also true for domain! The more personalized and professional it is, the more people will have security and confidence in your business, especially if you offer services or are an e-commerce business.

Ease of creating subdomains

Subdomains are added to the existing domain to forward the URL to a Specific place on your website. For example, if your address in “” and you have just created a blog, you can create a subdomain for it “”

Better SEO Ranking

Search Engines prioritize web pages that use their own domain, this makes your website easier to find, which also increases the chances of your company closing more deals.

Protection for you brand

Registering your own domain protects your company`s brand and reputation on the internet, that is, it ensures that no one else will be able to use your business`s name on the internet but you, this is VERY IMPORTANTE!

Being able to create a personalized email

Which also makes consumers feel more confident in contacting your company. In addition, your own email provides a difference between all others who use free emails and ensures that your company is remembered by customers.

Since you already know what a domain is and how important it is to your website presence, it`s time to choose the perfect option for your business.
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