Corporate email

Emails has established itself as one of the main forms of communication between companies and their customers. Thatโ€™s why its very important that they invest in corporate email. We can define corporate email as a company identity based on the domain created by the company. With email, all contacts made by employees using this tool are no longer personal contacts and become business contacts.

Why should I use corporate email?

It's more professional

Business relationships require professionalism, so imagine doing a deal with someone who represents a company but uses their own email address? Certainly this is going to sound weird and even amateurish. The corporate e-mail, in addition to conveying the air of professionalism, also bring the formality required in this type of contact.

It's Custom

Every company is identified in the market by its identity. Corporate email is part of that. One of the first practices we have when we receive an email is to identify its origin. With a personalized email, this action because easier and helps convey greater credibility with recipients.

It's Safer

It is very important that companies take information security seriously. All messages bearing her name can and should be checked, after all, it is an official form of communication. This importance is such that, in case of misuse, it can generate serious consequences, such as serving as legal evidence in various situations. Corporate emails is beneficial at this point because it facilitates this much-needed monitoring.

It's more productive

With Corporate email, an employee is not susceptible to the use of personal email as a work tool which would mean having contact with many messages that have nothing to do with the company`s activities โ€“ since he is a exclusive wool for work, that is, it requires total focus on work activities.

It's ad-free

Advertising is necessary because the service is free for its users, part of a monetization strategy. In corporate email, this action does not happen, as its maintenance is paid for by the company that acquired it.

Now that you know all the advantages of corporate email, what do you think about changing the way you present your self when making contacts on the internet?

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