About us

We are Flexpoint, a digital agency with expertise in developing bespoke web solutions. Although 100% digital, we have offices in Connecticut USA and, Espirito Santo, BR Officially the company is completing 11 years in 2021, however our team has vast knowledge in development, adding more then 18 years of experience in the area. The experience we have acquired in almost 2 decades of hard work and dedication has taught us that quality in the provision of service and care are essential aspects and must be maintained at a level of excellence.

We see projects and the relationship with our clients as great partnerships, as this way we assume a greater commitment to the pursuit of results. So, we create customer-focused solutions for our customer`s clients, the true end user. This culture allows us to incorporate the people who will use the developed tools, bringing us closer to the ideal solution. By correctly applying the principles of user experience and design, the end user will be successful in accomplishing any task. Sites are used by people, and people have different experiences and knowledge, hence the importance of using conventional content elements and dispositions, as well as the application of techniques that provide an intuitive, easy and fast navigation, for the site to generate more sales.

We position your business on the internet with a unique identity, with a personalized website – made exclusively for you! By choosing Flexpoint you are choosing a company that will deliver you a complete package: professional website, stable and reliable hosting, security, professional SEO and dedicated support team to help you along the way.

More than 700 companies from USA, Brazil and Portugal have positioned themselves professionally on the internet because they chose Flexpoint

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Rafael Caye

COO / UX Lead
Front-end Engineer

Eliemar Junior

CTO / Dev Lead
Back-end Senior

David Washington

CCO / Customer Success

Leonardo Caye

UI Designer

Pedro Rezende

Dev Back-end Trainee

Mikael Botassi

Dev Front-end Trainee

Rocheli Brutti



Transforming the lives of companies and people through made-to-measure digital tools.


Be a reference in the development of bespoke digital tools that generate real results for you customers.


Honesty, productivity, quality, technique, security, trust, partnership, friendship, family, results.

What do we value?

Friendship and

We are sincere friends. We establish a relationship of trust, responsibility and transparency with the client, without forgetting our commitment to results.

Creativity and

We are very creative and flexible. Due to changes and variations in web trends, we always seek to update ourselves to keep developing modern and unique solutions.

Achievement and

We are perfectionists. Motivation arises from the possibility of turning an idea into something real, well done, and also functional. Our satisfaction is to achieve excellence in each completed project.

Ethics and

We are professionals. We keep confidential the information and ideas of our customers and we have obligation to develop solutions in line with demand, always striving for practicality.