We make dreams come true, that`s why every project is executed with the client`s participation. We usually say that we work with 4 hands, in order to launch a successful website, the effective collaboration of the client in the development process is essential.


Fast sites retain more people and therefore generate more sales. In addition, sites that generate good experiences have therefore rank better in searches. We develop ultra-fast web solutions!

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It is estimated that there are 6 million people with some type of visual impairment in the US alone, We Understand that these people must have access to any content on the internet, that’s why we develop projects accessible to everyone.


In addition to having quick access and being accessible to everyone, we understand that mobile device users should be the main focus (mobile friendly) as they represent more then 70% of internet traffic. Web Solutions, therefore, must be cross-platform.

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We guarantee performance, Accessibility, security and optimization for search engines (SEO) as we test web pages with PageSpeedInsights Technology (by Google).

What can we do to make your business take off on the internet?

Ultra Fast Professional Sites

Creation of high performance websites optimized for search engines.

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Highly Profitable Online Stores.

It's time for your business to break down geographic barriers. Sales throughout US!

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Custom WebApps

Development of bespoke web systems to organize your company`s information and day-to-day tasks.

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Why Choose Flexpoint?

Because we develop tailored solutions for our customers; because we care about access speed, accessibility, responsiveness and security; because customers participate in the entire development process and monitor the evolution of their projects; because we have over 18 years of experience and we guarantee a work of excellence and because you will be happy with it! 😉

More then 700 companies from USA, Brazil and Portugal have positioned themselves professionally on the internet because they chose Flexpoint. Become a Flexpoint customer and leverage your billing with our solutions.

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